Venus Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde, Full Moon. Lots of intensity surrounding love relationships.

PLANETARY TALK: The love planet Venus is now moving Retrograde, where it will continue on it’s backwards journey in the Heavens through the first week of September. The Venus Retrogrades energy tends to make others more intensely introspective when it comes to ones relationships, beauty and appearance. I can tell you that every long-term love relationship I’ve had in the past all ended during a Venus Retrograde transit. Coincidence? Or is the energy of this transit contributing to some form of ultimate betrayal?

I’ve always said that the planets don’t make things happen or break people apart. We break each other apart due to ego and free will choice. The planets seem to have a consistent tendency to influence the energy in all life forces depending on its movement in the galaxy whether positive or negative. The Venus Retrograde transit pushes others into feeling more insecure where love is concerned. You might be feeling more needy, co-dependent, doubting, lonely and possessive, or you might be screaming to break free from a connection you’re already in. If you’ve been in a happy relationship for some time, then there is no need to be concerned. The connections that end during a Venus Retrograde are ones where the relationship was already on faulty ground. The Venus retrograde just cracks it wide open.

Take note of how you feel about all things relationships and beauty for the next six weeks. If you’re single, you should cruise right through it with no problem. If you meet someone new as we move into August, take it easy, go with the flow, don’t make any decisions and wait until about mid-September before you really know if it’s someone you’re interested in. When Venus moves forward in September, the feelings you had for this new person may evaporate. This is because the Venus Retrograde tends to cause illusions, deception and viewing circumstances through a fog of rose colored glasses.

The Full Moon is on Friday and is beginning to build with intensity, which will only heighten any negative feelings. It’s best not to take anything too seriously and remain emotionally detached. Exes and old friendships manage to make an appearance during a Venus Retrograde in hopes of a rekindling or some final closure and amends. The planet Uranus has also moved Retrograde, so expect the unexpected. Understand that an abrupt change in circumstances happen for a reason. God does indeed have a plan and sometimes you need to be shaken out of your comfort zone.

~  Kevin Hunter

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