The official Facebook page for author Kevin Hunter hits 20,000 likes in 2015

My professional Facebook page has reached 20,000 followers and continues to climb in 2015.  This is a new landmark and milestone. The page was originally set up for those with an interest in the spiritual genre, seeking spiritual advancement, empowerment, or wanting to gain additional tools and knowledge surrounding improving ones soul and this world. This is important, because I’m not an easy person for others to like, let alone an easy author for agents and the book business to like.  I’m strong minded, independent and I go it alone.  This causes a bit of shun and controversy.

I wanted the page to be for the readers and not necessarily about me as an author.  I tend to keep that information at a minimum unless it applies to a particular post.  This page was intended to be for a community who was interested in the spiritual genre to feel safe and comfortable in with other like minded souls.  There have been some readers and fans that have been with me since the beginning of the page.  Thank you for your loyalty, love, support and for standing by me all these years!  Believe me, I take that seriously and do notice that I have a loyal fan base.   I run the page like a strict general and remove anyone who is antagonistic on any level over the content, with me, or anyone else on the page, so only “like” the page with discretion, or you can hide some of the posts.  I have no qualms or guilt over removing someone I know from the page if they are consistently opposing to my posts in any form.

I had originally created this page with less than 200 people on it.  It was a place for me to post guidance and information surrounding spiritual practices and concepts among other things.  Something happened in my personal life in January 2014.  I was involved with someone in a relationship who left me abruptly.  I picked up on that something wasn’t right weeks before I discovered a letter on my door that it was over, but I chose to ignore that and hoped the ‘sense’ would go away, but it never did.  I was stunned, shattered and disappointed, mostly because there wasn’t anything that happened to have brought that on.   It was just an eerie and aloof energy shift that began to feel like a thousand knives slicing through my body.

The reason I reveal that is because that crushed me personally, yet at the same time my work on the other hand suddenly started to climb in that same week.  My 5 mini-pocket books were released while I was in the midst of this personal turmoil.  I was incredibly busy on the career front.  Not only was I seeing those books through to release, I had another book that was in galley’s before it was to become a book and released that Spring called, “Empowering Spirit Wisdom”.

I was consumed by both parts of my life – the one that was working and the one that wasn’t.  I hadn’t noticed that my professional page was suddenly climbing in the midst of all this.  Readers were finding me and my books and wanting to connect.  Letters from people around the world in different countries were coming in like mad praising how much one of my books had helped them.  I’ve had close ones around me who were aware of my disintegrating personal life and the pain that it caused coupled with the bright success and rise of my professional life that was taking place at the exact same time.  They described it as, “Bittersweet!”

I had planned to shut everything down after the release of the “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” book.  I was going to move away and tear down all aspects of my life.  I threatened to quit with my Spirit team.  My editor stepped in to have a serious conversation that he was 100% against that.   I said, “I can’t inspire others if I can’t even inspire myself.”  Luckily, I do have a natural optimism bug that seems to overtake me regularly and I bounce back.   Naturally, I wasn’t throwing in the towel since I later sat down and wrote two books back to back called, “Realm of the Wise One” and “Darkness of Ego”.   Because I do have a job to do and the show must go on!

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