Archangel Michael is the only entity louder than God

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Archangel Michael is God’s General who oversees all beings, including Warrior of Light’s, archangels and angels. Many Warriors souls have Archangel Michael around them. He might assist with extracting fear from that soul and helping them to rise to confidence when their lower self gets in the way. He is also their protector to ensure they are not harmed by others, since Warrior of Light’s invite in antagonism from the lower evolved who feel threatened by them. He is sometimes referred to as, “He who is like God.” He is the loudest entity I’ve come to know personally. In fact, he is the only entity louder than God, while stretching to appear as tall as 30 to 40 feet and sometimes longer to make his presence known. He is often depicted in artwork as standing on or holding down a hideous monstrous devil like creature without effort.

There are moments where I can be accused of being cocky. This is someone who might come off arrogantly overconfident and bold. Archangel Michael is with me every day of my life and ironically this is his principal energy. Only someone’s ego would be ruffled over another who exudes superhuman confidence. Michael struts around me almost like a cocky rooster alpha male. Calling him overconfident is too little of a word to describe his self-assurance. When he’s not extracting lower energies and people away with his light sword, he’s showing off like a male peacock. Sometimes the light around him bursts into a brightly colored light show for no reason at all except to show off the way a male peacock does. This is similar to Archangel Michael’s basic nature when he’s not diving into battle fearlessly for God. Call upon Archangel Michael for intervention when you are drowning in fear, anxiety, self-doubt or are lacking in confidence.

Connecting with the Archangels:

~  Kevin Hunter

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