Fads and Labels have been created to disillusion you into believing that this is who you are

Raising your consciousness is coming to terms with a design that has duped humankind into believing that they have to identify with any of these material physical properties. Labels have been created by humankind in order to separate souls from one another, but in the bigger reality it has no meaning on what we are at the core. We are here to evolve our soul as either a student or a teacher; as a leader or a follower. One should not identify with labels such as any race or nationality, a man, woman, republican, democrat, gay, straight, spiritual, atheist, nor any other label that limits the soul and places one in a box. You are not your job, the clothes you wear, the house you live in, the car you drive, the family you were born to, the physical appearance you work on to attract or feel good about yourself. These are all fads created by humankind to disillusion you into believing that this is who you are.

My quote as featured in, “The Spirit Temple” blog:

~  Kevin Hunter


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