Exude and Treat Yourself and Others with Class, Love, Compassion and Respect

I treat everyone exactly the same way regardless if they’re the boss, a CEO, well-known, drive a cool car and so forth.  I don’t care who you are.  You get the exact same treatment from me as I do with anyone else.  And that is with diplomacy and respect, unless you blow that, then you get a bulldozing dick.  This is part of the reason I navigated through the entertainment world successfully, because the well known people I know personally or worked with didn’t have someone kissing their ass or acting any differently than I did with the garbage man.  It’s called being real.

If I notice someone treat their colleague differently than the boss for example, then you’re immediately written out of my vicinity.  I’ve placed you in the irrelevant category and it shows.  I notice these things more than most do, since others tend to operate in a place called ‘oblivious’.  I get oblivious, but that’s mostly when I’m unaware that someone has been madly attracted to me for months.   Unless they stand directly in front of me and say it, then I don’t know.

It’s my job as a writer, thinker and warrior of light to observe and research humanity in general and their interactions with one another which tends to borderline disrespectful.  It makes one wonder, “Wait a minute, are you like that with your boss?  Probably not. That means you’re fake.”

I’m big on class and etiquette.  This means being aware of your surroundings and that you treat people with compassion and respect, pending that they’re doing the same. Otherwise, write them off.  Every soul is equal in the eyes of Heaven regardless of their job, status, life choices.  All souls need to govern their lives with the principle that you treat all souls with love and respect.  This does not mean that you take shit from those who are behaving otherwise.  Use assertiveness if someone is ill-mannered and behaves poorly.  You have to teach others how to be respectful.  Now let’s looks at a nice ocean wave beach shot:

~  Kevin Hunter


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