My meeting with Alanis Morissette

I’ll do another inside Hollywood story for those interested. Haven’t talked about meeting Alanis Morissette. I was a huge fan of her album, “Jagged Little Pill” when it came out in 1995 when I was 22 years old. Alanis is one year younger than me and her angst and raw intense directness in her songs were relatable to me as it’s how I am on a regular basis.  In 1995, I went to see her show three times in that same year.

The first concert I saw her was a free ticket to go with a friend of mine in the music industry. I didn’t want to go, but was convinced that I need to give her a chance. I hadn’t heard much about her. This was about a month before she would explode astronomically and Jagged Little Pill would become one of the biggest selling albums by a female artist of all time.   I’m glad I went to that concert, because I left the show a fan and went to go buy the Jagged Little Pill album afterwards.

Flash forward many years later to 1999, I’m now deeply established in the film industry and working on Warner Bros. “The Perfect Storm”. I had rose up in the industry pretty fast since Michelle Pfeiffer hired me.

I get a call from one of the Assistant Director’s who says, “Alanis Morissette is coming to see you at 12:30.”  Her boyfriend at the time was one of the actors in the movie and she was going to visit him.

Someone once pointed out that I don’t seem to get star struck. I said, “I’m trained not to. I’m a professional. I can admire someone’s work without fainting on the floor.” They asked if I’ve ever got star struck though. I thought for a minute and said, “Actually yeah. Alanis Morissette. I’m a huge fan and was especially when I met her. She was larger than life in the 1990’s, so when I heard she was coming to see me I didn’t want to shout out, ‘Hey! I’m a huge fan, I saw you three times in concert in 1995!’”

I was in my Warner Bros. office and Alanis was 45 minutes late. I looked around for her wondering if she got lost. I was expecting a woman in tight leather with an entourage of people as that’s how she was dressed when I saw her on stage. I went out into the hall intersection epicenter in the building and the lights were out for some reason.

There was a woman who seemed afraid to move.  She was shorter than me standing in the corner almost hugging the wall not moving as if someone had cornered a wild animal. She had on jean shorts, a t-shirt and her hair was tied to the side. I said, “Alanis. There you are. I’m Kevin. I’ve been expecting you.” She immediately formed this huge gigantic smile opened wide with a friendly shy chuckle relieved, “Oh good. Hi Kevin.” She moved away from the wall and followed me to my office and sat down. We had friendly banter for about a half hour. In between our talk, I got to business and explained how ‘The Perfect Storm” is a closed set.  No publicity, no talking about it, no nothing, etc.  I gave her the rundown of what was being shot.  Then I said, “In order for me to know that you understand all this, you’re going to need to sign this contract.”

She started to read the contract as her face studied it with seriousness. I waited for her to go off in upset, but then half way through reading it she smiled and mumbled, “Oh okay.” Then she signed it. She was extremely sweet, personable, charming, humble and spiritual. This was during the days when her 2nd album which was more spiritual leaning was out and she had done the India sabbatical.

I handed her a name tag with her name on it and said, “Here put this on so they let you in.” Alanis’ face grew scared and fearful. I quickly realized, “Wait a minute this is Alanis Morissette. She doesn’t want her name advertised across her chest.”  I quickly said, “I’m sorry, you don’t have to put it on, but hang on to it in case any of the officers stop you.” She smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

I walked over to Jennifer, my bubbly, fun assistant with the mini-skirt and nails and said, “Can you take this beautiful young lady to the set please?” Jennifer exclaimed barely looking at her, “Of course!”, then on the phone, “I’ll call you back.”

Another half hour passed and Jennifer came back to find me sitting on one of the Producer’s couches with him. Jennifer sits down with a smile, “Kevin. Who was that?” I said, “Who do you think it was?” She says, “Was that Alanis Morissette?” I nodded with a yes. She cried out, “Oh nooo!”

The Producer said, “Uh-oh what did you say?” Jennifer explains, “We were in the golf cart driving through the lot to the sound stage and Alanis was boasting over Kevin and how great he was and she felt this energetic connection and stuff. Then Alanis says, “And that was really great of him to explain what was going on the way he did. I understand as I have the same problem.” Jennifer continues, “So I was thinking sarcastically, ‘um okay and well what do you do?’, but I looked over instead to get a good look at the woman and that’s when I realized, ‘oh shit!’. I almost hit a tree. I didn’t recognize her at first!” I said, “I know she was dressed down.”

I then asked, “Did they give her any trouble?” Jennifer said, “Well when we got there, I was walking up to the stage door and two officers moved into blockade it.” I said, “Oh fuck, I should’ve called them.” Jennifer continued, “But then Alanis quickly pulled out the name tag and flashed it and they parted the way for her to enter.” I said, “Okay good.”  As it stands, I have every single CD that Alanis has put out to date.

“And I’m here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away.”

~  Kevin Hunter

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