The Empress. Tarot Lesson Basics.

The Empress card image taken from the Tarot Illuminati

The Empress is femininity personified and represents the birth of “something”.  It can indicate a pregnancy, the birth of a child, a new relationship, new project or new career move, and so on.  It is the beginning of something great!  The card’s essence points to this beginning as having the potential for incredible success.

If you’re asking about a particular project or endeavor you’re interested in going after, and you receive the Empress, then you can be assured that it is a big yes and to go for it.  There will more than likely be positive rewards as a result.  The rewards can be financial or emotional.  This is also the card of children or someone who is great with young people.  It can be a supportive teacher or a maternal figure.

If you’re asking about a potential love interest you have your eye on, then this card would show that this person you’re asking about is a nurturing soul who will care about you intensely.  This is someone you’ll have a reciprocated deep loyal connection with.  It will more than likely lead to marriage or long term commitment depending on your choices.  This is a blissful unconditional relationship where both people are generous and giving to one another in some way.  It’ll also point to the connection being a beautiful sensual union or big sex life.  This is the pleasure card that alludes to a couple who naturally awakens the senses in the other.  It can also show someone who is an artist in a creative field such as music, film, books, art.

If you’re already in a relationship, then this card can have several different meanings.  It may be pointing to you having a strong physically intimate connection with one another.  If you feel you don’t have that with your partner, then the card would be advising you that this portal needs to be opened up.  It can urge you both to pay more attention to one another.  This is what the relationship needs to continue thriving.  It can also show that you may likely have a child together soon, whether through adoption, surrogacy or other avenues.

If this is a general read for yourself and this card is pulled, then it can be urging you to take a retreat into nature, take a vacation, have some “me” time, pamper yourself, think more highly of and take care of “you” inside and out, or awaken your creative talents by diving into an artistic hobby.

Where the “Devil” card may show a more unhealthy sexual addiction or one sided attraction with someone, the Empress is the opposite where it shows a healthy sexuality or sex life.  This is someone who loves love and physical expressions of love.  The Empress with the Emperor card in a love relationship read shows a power couple.  It’s a successfully balanced relationship between two people where there is just enough feminine energy as there is masculine.  This is regardless of the genders involved.

(Keywords:  Creativity, art, children, sensuality, beauty, joy, fun, pregnancy, laughter, productiveness, love, nature, pleasure, high self esteem, marriage, excellent beginning, generous, compassionate, deep connections.)

~  Kevin Hunter

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