Low-rider. My Venice posse fixed the sub-woofer sound system in my car.

 and the glass shattering into a billion pieces in my personal cathedral.

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Low-Rider. My boys in Venice put a killer sound system in my car four years ago. They handle all my aesthetics from sound to tints. The fuse lamp finally burned out in one of the wires after all these years. One of my guys jumped into my trunk and played with the subwoofer for about ten minutes, then he smiled and said, “Ah-ha. I fixed it.” That came out wrong. But anyway, I offered to pay him. He said I could pay him by leaving a positive Yelp review. I said, “Fair enough.”

Only those that really know me super well, know that I love music and I love it loud. It’s been like that since I could work the dial on a radio. If it’s too loud, then you’re too old. I love that bass at home, in my car, wherever I am. If I put out sold out rock concert shows at one stadium after another, I would cancel the show if the bass didn’t rip the roof off the place during rehearsals. The sound guy would have to be my new best friend. I want the walls torn down and the glass shattering into a billion pieces in my personal cathedral.

Thank you, Archangel Raphael!

~  Kevin Hunter


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