A Healing and Miracle Speciality of Archangel Raphael; Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-Being

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Archangel Raphael is known to many as the healing angel. This is because he has performed miraculous healing for physical, emotional and mental issues when others have requested his help. The light that consumes him inside and out is bursting with emerald green light. Whatever he touches with this light begins the process of healing. Call on Archangel Raphael whenever you are experiencing any issues related to physical, emotional or mental well-being. Visualize his healing green light being showered anywhere that requires attention. Also understand that he may guide you to the answer that can remedy any issue. This may be from being guided to the right medical specialist to something medicinal.

Raphael works alongside Mother Mary and Jesus Christ during great catastrophe’s where souls are extricated abruptly and therefore disoriented for a bit. The disorientation is not painful, but more of a confusing amnesia where your soul is not quite sure what’s just happened.

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Personal Story Example: I’m a super physically active soul and with that I’ve faced some physical consequences which I’ve mentioned in some of my books and how I’ve recovered. I may go for days wondering what this sudden pain in my right arm is all about, or what is called the “flexor carpi radialis” muscle in the human forearm. Days pass and the pain still comes and goes without any sign of going away. This is when I realize I need heavenly intervention.

I call in Archangel Raphael before I sleep. I rub my hands together until I feel the heavy friction between them. I pry my hands slowly apart and I clairvoyantly see an emerald green light fire bursting between them with energy. I take that light and begin hovering one of my hands over the area where the pain is. And it is done.

When I wake up in the middle of the night there are still signs of slight pain here and there, but I head back to sleep anyway. I wake up the next day and discover that the pain is gone. I twist and turn my forearm. Nothing. No signs of any agitation or anything. Days pass into weeks and I realize that the pain has evaporated and never re-surfaced. I believe in the power of prayer. This is not because it is taught. It is because I’ve witnessed and personally experienced countless and endless miracles over the course of my life as a result. When I don’t ask for help, then help is not forthcoming.

Connecting with the Archangels

~  Kevin Hunter


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