Full Moon in Capricorn. Release all that is not aligned with your higher self.

Have you been feeling higher levels of anxiety, depression, erratic feelings, anxiousness and restlessness? It’s the Full Moon in Capricorn today. The Full Moon’s pull has a tendency to bring out anything that is hidden. It can be something good or bad. The Full Moon shines a light on ‘secrets’ and forces you to face them without choice. The Moon is travelling through the sign of Capricorn, which is typically a hard working, yet cold energy. Therefore a light is shining on the areas of abundance specifically in the financial sphere. Thoughts may drift more towards ways of getting the job done. We’re in the Sun Sign of Cancer which on a good day values close relationships, security and stability. These are some of the areas that this Full Moon is also targeting. It’s about being responsible, loyal and of your word. Like any Full Moon, this is a great time to release anyone or anything that you feel is no longer aligned with your higher self.

~  Kevin Hunter


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