The High Priestess. Tarot Lesson Basics.

The High Priestess card image from the Tarot Illuminati

The High Priestess card represents someone who is extremely psychic, intuitive or deep. This is someone who knows all. They might be a combination of a Medium and a Writer, or someone who has an equal amount of left brain and right brain thinking. This is a thinker with just as much feeling. It’s a teacher, detective or counselor.

The High Priestess is a Wise One who stands at the gate of the physical world and the spirit world, yet there is a detached coldness to this person. It’s someone who has the ability to discover the answers to most anything. They effortlessly dive into the deepest depths of symbols, meanings and truth. The Full Moon often depicted with this card is a message that calls for you to awaken your inner wisdom and insights. This is about getting in touch with your emotions. It’s telling you that you already know the truth. The truth is the first impression or hunch you received and this same impression repeats.

When this card shows up in a reading, you are being asked to move within and tune into your higher self, as this is where the real answers live. This is about trusting your own instincts. Your psychic gifts are working on optimum levels and you don’t need the cards to seek an answer to your question, since your higher self already knows the answer.

This can be a challenging card at times, since there is a dark side to the messages buried inside it. It can indicate that not all has been revealed to you yet, but it will at the right time. What might be discovered can be either positive or negative. There is a secret or something hidden, which is the missing piece to the puzzle that will answer your question. This is also a message of having patience and that you’re not meant to know the answer yet at this time.

In love, this continues with the theme of something hidden that you don’t know or you suspect. If you’re asking about a particular person you’re interested in, then this message can be that the attraction you’re feeling is mutual. It can indicate someone who is a deep psychic intuitive, or someone that will be more of a teacher for your soul.

The ultimate message of The High Priestess is about having patience and waiting for the truth to be revealed because it eventually will. You don’t need to go out searching for the answer as it’s going to come naturally and at the right time.

~  Kevin Hunter

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