Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage in the United States. This was predicted in my book, “Warrior of Light”.

The Supreme Court announced today that they have legalized Same Sex Marriage in the United States. This was predicted and mentioned in my book, “Warrior of Light” and “Divine Messages for Humanity” years ago. It was one of the circumstances my Spirit team said was coming. This is fantastic news for committed same sex couples who desire to take their love to a higher level by joining into a legally recognized marriage.

While Marriage Equality is a positive step in evolving humanity in the direction of love, it doesn’t mean much will change right away. Those who hate you for being different from them will continue to hate you. The interracial marriage ban was knocked down by the Supreme Court in 1967. It’s been nearly 50 years later and people are still racist. Marriage Equality is the law of the United States, but there is little love that exists in so many hearts. This is something that needs to continue to be worked on.

Side note: In another lifetime, I was allegedly a Merchant Marine who was also a homophobic prick. I would rally everyone up to harm anyone who was gay or of a different race. I was killed in the boiler room on the ship I was a part of when it blew up. I was 25 years old and left behind my wife and son. The irony is that same energy that I put into rallying up the masses in hate then, I now in this lifetime preach and put towards love.

~  Kevin Hunter

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