What is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance means “Clear Knowing”. Someone with claircognizance will receive messages and guidance from Heaven being dropped into their mind. They will typically pronounce something that they have no way of knowing only to find that it comes true. When asked how they know this information, they will be unable to efficiently answer seeing as how they have no idea how they came to receive this sudden insight. The messages sifted into them out of nowhere.

Those who tend to have strong claircognizance are inventors, scientists, teachers, speakers, research investigators and writers. These people are usually skeptical about where the information is coming from. They might not believe in God or an afterlife. They need concrete evidence before they become a believer, but even then they still function with some measure of uncertainty at times. 

When someone exhibits claircognizance, they have the presence of someone in control and in command. They always seem to have the answer for anything and everything that ends up assisting others in a positive way. Their mind is constantly ‘on’ and in motion making mental lists that periodically come to them all day long throughout each day. When you receive a lightning bolt of an idea out of the blue that brings you success, then you can be assured that you’re claircognizant channel is functioning in top form. Archangel Uriel is the chief in charge of claircognizance. Call upon him when you want to increase claircognizance awareness and input.

~  Kevin Hunter


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