Your Higher and Lower Selves. The Differences Between Both.

Image displayed from “Witches Tarot”

Over the last few days I’ve been receiving all sorts of similar private messages on here one after the other. They were all sharing their beautifully articulated ideas for projects that have sifted into their consciousness from above. And what was also inspiring and similar in all of their notes is that there were no traces of that dreadful ego.

Your ego is what sabotages you and tells you that you’re not qualified and have no business doing anything you really want to do. Your ego’s voice instills fear and causes your life to feel chaotic, while your higher self’s voice is filled with overflowing love and excitement. Your ego’s voice changes its mind daily and often, while your higher self’s voice is stable, faithful and frequent.

Your higher self’s voice will continue to push you to do the same thing repeatedly for years until you finally do it. That voice would never urge you to do something that would ultimately bring you or someone else down. There is a domino effect at times to your decision making process. When this happens, it is clue that your choices were made from the ego.

Your ego pushes you to take action in ways that cause pain, hurt or confusion, while your higher self’s voice gives you brilliant flashes of ideas that never leave your mind. When you implement them into action, you experience success, love and joy. The ego will make you feel as if you’re bouncing around, stagnant, heading nowhere fast, or going around in circles and never accomplishing anything.

While your higher self pushes you to make changes that benefit you and others. It might coax you for decades to finally write that book! While your ego will delay you from moving forward and will say you’re not qualified to write a book, or it’ll tell you that you don’t have the time, or wait until you’re more settled. When you listen to that voice, you can be assured that you will never accomplish anything and nor will you ever write that book.

You hear those who are of older age express regret, “I should’ve done this or that. It was always on my mind too, but I never did it.” Right there is a clue to the heavenly guidance you were receiving most of your life, but you ignored it. Those listening to their higher self’s voice are suddenly filled with glorious love and excitement, just as all of those who wrote me with their ideas were.

This is right on schedule and couldn’t happen at a better time.  We’re coming out of the Mercury Retrograde transit and into the New Moon this Tuesday.  The retrograde is when immediate intuitive flashes of insight hit you if you’re paying attention.  You don’t act on it until we move direct, which is now the case.   The New Moon is a perfect time for new beginnings.  You were all tuned in and therefore accessed crystal clear heavenly guidance.

Pay attention to what’s going on inside you in order to decipher what is your higher self and what is your lower self. Examine the repercussions, challenges or blessings that come out of that as a result of your action or inaction. The Staff in the photo represents your brilliant idea, the flowers are the blossoming abundance that comes out of this idea, the breaking sun light is a bright new beginning, and the butterfly is a symbol of you transforming positively as a result.

~  Kevin Hunter

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