Planet Talk: Mercury Moves Direct, New Moon

The planet Mercury is that little pesky thing over there on the bottom left hand corner of the photo attached. It’s been moving Retrograde for the last three weeks. While in this transit, it causes immense disruption in the lives of Earthly people such as frustration, delays, misunderstandings, upset and all sorts of communication or technological mishaps. There is a positive side to this and that is what its real intention is. It forces you to move within as this is where the real answers are. It pushes you to stop trying to take action on situations for a bit and take a break. This is whether you want to or not. 

Today is the first day that Mercury is moving direct. It’s beginning it’s forward movement and you may begin taking ‘action’. Take the blindfolds off and untie your hands. Look back over the last three weeks and point out some crucial situations that arose that seemed to have stood out in a big way. What lessons did you learn from them? What insights did you gain? It’s safe to implement whatever has been on your mind lately. Although Mercury is moving direct, the next 5-7 days will still be a little glitchy here and there, but those should be minor speed bumps. Anything you begin during the next 5-7 days will have a greater shot at succeeding since we are also entering the optimistic New Moon energy on Tuesday. Don’t floor it, but gradually increase speed little by little everyday.

~  Kevin Hunter

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