The Magician. Tarot Lesson Basics.

The Magician card image from the Tarot Illuminati

The Magician is a mover and a shaker. He’s a strong communicator with the gift of knowing. He makes things happen depending on where his intention and force of will is directed. If you’re asking about a career move and you receive the Magician card, then this is a positive message that if you want what you’re asking about bad enough, you’re going to get it. You have the power, creativity, concentration and strength of will. This card points to great success through focus and action.

The Magician is a master manifester, but he can also be a manipulator. He is extremely gifted and creative. He can bring anything he wants into his life by the sheer power of his mind and natural attracting in abilities. On the negative side, he can be a skilled con-artist and schemer. He can pull the rug from underneath you before you’ve noticed that you were taken advantage of.

The Magician is tremendously exceptional you see. Depending on where he directs his attention or services, he will without a doubt conquer and achieve it. This is regardless if the nature of what he desires is good or bad. The Magician works from his deeply creative mind. This card says that you can manifest and have what you want, but you have to put in some effort. This is about the power you carry within to make your dreams come true.

In love, the Magician card shows a magical committed union with someone else or the object of your desires. If you’re having love troubles with someone, then this card is saying that you both have the willpower to make some positive changes that will benefit the both of you. This card shows someone with immense magnetism and charisma that naturally draws in many admirers. The Magician has a beautiful way with succeeding and winning over people and circumstances. This is someone who understands how the law of attraction works. When the Magician wants something, he most often gets it through optimism and crafty ways. This card is generally a positive message that suggests you go after what it is you want, because you will get it.

The Magician can be a challenging card in some spreads depending on what cards surround it and how you word your question. If you’re asking if a lover is faithful and you receive the Magician card, then this is showing the person you’re with might be a little bit of a player. If it’s next to the Seven of Swords card, then this is a double whammy implying that your lover is not exactly committed in the relationship. Sometimes it’s not necessarily that they’re cheating, but that they don’t completely feel as if they’re in a relationship with you. They’re not fully committed in mind and heart.

The Magician is a highly intelligent person. He’s creative and successful, or has the abilities to manifest those traits. He’s able to take ideas and turn them into a profit. He’s magical, charismatic, sexy. For the most part, the Magician is typically an optimistic card that positive changes are on its way. Gifts will be bestowed on you.

The Magician card is attributed to powerful creative people. He is associated with entertainers, inventors and even politicians. Entertainers and inventors are the more positive side to this creatively powerful card, while politicians associated with this card might show a trickster in office successfully deceiving the public. Some of the more positive people that this card is aligned with are people like: Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Thomas Edison and Socrates.

~  Kevin Hunter

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