One more week of intensity. Make lists of your ideas and dreams to implement.

We’ve been moving through the darkness of the Mercury Retrograde since Mid-May. There is one more week of intensity! Use this coming week to make a list of the repetitive guidance you’ve been receiving over the last couple of weeks. Any great ideas or dreams you’ve been thinking of no matter how big or small, write it down. It can be positive behavior changes and perspectives you want to begin incorporating into your soul make up. It can be making a pact to have weekend getaways once a month. It can be a business plan or asking someone out on a date. Whatever it is, this is all on you to decide. Call it your “To do list for 2015”. After next Friday the 12th, it’s safe to begin putting those ideas into action.

This image attached best captures the essence of the energy we’ve been in. The right side is the dark side. It is what we’re currently in. Mid-June, we begin sailing into the light on the left. I’m being shown an egg so this is about feeling newly born, coming out of your shell, a new chapter and a new beginning. Do not discredit the dark side as this is where you remain still gathering any heavenly input and jotting it down so you don’t forget, then implementing it as we move forward into the sun after June 12th.

~  Kevin Hunter

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