The energy of the Full Moon intertwines with the agitating Mercury Retrograde

Have you been experiencing some rock and roll intensity this past week? It’s the energy of the Full Moon intertwining with the agitating Mercury Retrograde. This week will be testy, but the hardest day will be Tuesday, June 2nd when the Full Moon reaches its peak.

Full Moon’s are typically difficult as the pull of the Moon in that state tends to bring out of you what is buried underneath. When it bleeds this stuff out, there is often pain associated with that. A Mercury Retrograde causes confusion, illusion, delays, depression, impatience, miscommunication. Put the Mercury Retrograde with a Full Moon and you’ve got a lot of stuff coming out of you to deal with and face.

This is a week of release. What do you need to release? What’s been on your mind lately causing you inner turmoil? This is a clue as to what you need to let go of. Have the intention of letting go of it and releasing it to Heaven for transmutation. Unhappiness in any area of your life is also a way to discover what it is you need to change. Unhappy with your job? What action steps are you comfortable with making to change this?

Find a quiet place to sit and be still in prayer or meditation. Allow your Spirit team to know what it is that you would like help with and what’s bothering you. If you can get out in a nature setting, then this is ideal, whether it’s your backyard or a park. Somewhere you can be alone to release. Take continuous deep breaths in and release it all. You don’t need it.

They’re showing me defensiveness, those emotionally hurt, anger, depression. The messages coming through are advising you to get out in nature. The word ‘nature’ needs to be emphasized because going outdoors to a crowded mall is not what is going to center you. This week is about finding balance and dextoxifying. Get plenty of rest and drink more water than usual. Relationships of all kinds are also showing up in a big way.

~  Kevin Hunter

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