Major Arcana Cards in a Tarot Spread: Tarot Lesson Basics.

When doing a Tarot card reading, if you notice there are more Major Arcana cards in the spread than Minor Arcana, then this implies that the person being read for is in the process of going through some larger profound changes in their life that are taking some time to take place.

If the spread has no Major Arcana cards in it, then the one being read for doesn’t have any significant transformations or changes going on in their life. Instead, they’re experiencing smaller day to day issues that change and shift from one week to the next.

If you read for yourself regularly, or you obtain psychic or angel reads from others fairly often, then the cards that show up become less impactful in its meaning. This is specifically if you continue to ask the same question repeatedly. Therefore, any Major Arcana cards that show up in your spread have less of an effect than if you were to have a read once in awhile.

The reason is because some measure of time needs to pass in order to assess if the read you’ve done or had has come to fruition. When you’re reading every day and asking the same question, then it’s more than likely that the cards keep changing, which only causes confusion. However, the one advantage to reading often is if you notice the synchronicity of receiving the same message to a question, then this is further confirmation to pay attention to what is being revealed.

~  Kevin Hunter

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