Mercury Retrograde May 18-June 11th. Relationships Rise to the Forefront for Evaluation.

From Left: Angel Tarot Deck, Archange Michael Deck, Healing with the Fairies Deck

The planet Mercury is slowing down to a crawl this weekend as it preps to go Retrograde on Monday for three weeks. This means the next three weeks will be a period of slowing down and taking pause in your life. If you attempt to push forward with anything important, it may more than likely be met with resistance followed by frustration, not to mention mistakes! The next three weeks are a great time to clean house metaphorically and literally. New ideas and insights tend to rise during the Retrograde, but avoid pressing on with anything until Mercury moves direct after June 11th. There is a fogged up filter during a retrograde, so wait until mid-June before moving forward.

When I asked my team what the theme of this Retrograde will be, the card spread attached using three different decks illustrates what will either trigger unhappiness or bring you clarity and bliss. You decide. My guides had me flip over the Eternal Love and Romantic Partner cards. Obviously this is about love relationships. My favorite topic! The Strength card here emphasizes what to expect in terms of all connections though.

Love relationships will be highlighted for the next few weeks, whether you’re single, dating or in a committed union. Connections may end and/or new ones may begin. This Mercury Retrograde asks that you bring yourself to a place of serenity, patience, compassion and forgiveness where relationships are concerned. Exes and those from the past have a tendency to reach out during a Mercury Retrograde. One is more nostalgic and introspective, however, when Mercury moves direct, often the connection then dissolves or forges forward as if it is a brand new union. This transit is in the sign of Gemini, so expect lots of ‘talk’ and communication. Sometimes this can be all talk and no action of course. Once again wait until Mid-June before making any serious decisions.

~  Kevin Hunter

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