Mother Mary, Archangel Gabriel, the Mother of all Mother’s Message on Mother’s Day is Strength

Saint Mary, Mother Mary, the mother of all Mother’s depicted here with the Archangel Gabriel announcing to her of the child she would deliver to humanity.  They were and are both symbols of love.

In my connections with Mother Mary since I was a child, I had immediately discovered what a strong ferocious soul she is.  This is nothing like what is depicted in man’s artwork of her, which conveys a softness.  While yes, she is bathed in compassion, she is no where near being like the passivity that is portrayed of her to be.  Her light and presence is immense, stable, forceful, full of overflowing love and tough, much like her son’s.

Her message on this Mother’s Day week for all is strength.  She urges you to be strong and persevere.   It’s been an intense week with the full moon mixing itself with the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde.  You might feel like you want to crawl into a hole, or your drained, over worked, stressed.   Yet, Mother Mary’s message is the opposite of what would typically be urged, which is to retreat.  She says you will not hide and nor will you play the victim.  You will rise up and dive straight on into battle.  She believes you can do it and are stronger than you give yourself credit for.   Mary has never been passive and she demands that you don’t be either.   When you draw from the light, there is no telling what you cannot do.  Happy Mother’s Day to all those who forge on even you feel you’re unable to.

~  Kevin Hunter

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