I’ll be posting a different ‪Tarot‬ card soon in order to discuss each one.

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All souls have varying ways of communicating with the other side. Some may be more open to seeing other souls that have departed (‪#‎clairvoyance‬), while others can feel them (‪#‎clairsentience‬. You have those, such as myself, who hear them (‪#‎clairaudience‬), as well as those who know they are present without questioning it (‪#‎claircognizance‬). I have been hearing them for as long as I can remember.

Some use divination tools for confirmation of the messages they receive. Calling someone up with your telephone is similar to a divination tool. Spirit can deliver messages to you in a variety of ways, such as through your senses, through signs, symbols, and numbers or through the use of a divination tool such as an Angel Board, Tarot or Oracle deck. The tools are used to communicate or confirm what the reader is picking up on.

I’ll be posting a different ‪#‎Tarot‬ card soon in order to discuss each one. There are 78 cards so it will be over the course of time. Stay tuned.

~  Kevin Hunter


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