Archangel Gabriel pushes your soul to take immediate flight towards your goals, dreams and career

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Archangel Gabriel pushes your soul to take immediate flight towards your goals, dreams and career. Whatever it is you have been procrastinating with, she will remove that ego delay tactic at your request. Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel who inspires and lights that fire within you to take action. She is the one that faces you in the direction of your dreams. She plants the seeds in your soul which ultimately gives birth to your creative pursuits. She pushes you out on stage where you belong!

All Angels and Archangels are genderless and have no anatomy, despite artists depicting them in various physical form and ways in paintings and art much like the image attached to this post.

Archangel Gabriel has a feminine energy because she assists others by pulling things out from within, whether that is creative expression, passion, ones inner child, mothering children and pregnancy’s. She is the Mother of all Mother’s next to Mother Mary. She announced the coming of the Christ in the Bible, although the Bible doesn’t call her an Archangel, but an Angel. I go into a little more detail on the gender confusion of Gabriel in my book, “Connecting with the Archangels”.

The uncertainty of how Archangel Gabriel is perceived has carried on for many centuries. This goes back to how life was lived during biblical times. Centuries ago, the world was a male dominating patriarchal society, and the female form was considered forbidden and secondary.

For that matter, the Catholic Church changed Archangel Gabrielle to Archangel Gabriel and demanded that she be seen, depicted and perceived as a male. The only female deity allowed at that time was Mother Mary and that was because she gave birth to Jesus Christ. No one can control the free will actions of man.

This change has caused confusion over the centuries, where some believe Gabriel to be male. The church eventually corrected this perception, but by that time, the world was already training one another to continue to see “Gabrielle” as male. Gabriel is egoless and unperturbed by the false beliefs of man, since all human souls have free will choice to believe what they want to believe.

The “Gabriel” name may have a masculine manly tone to it, but gender identity is strictly reserved to human souls being taught and trained to separate male and female. This has also caused quite a bit issues among humankind. Like Alena pointed out though, the gender is irrelevant in the end. Archangels and Angels will appear in a form that the individual is used to in order to be recognizable, even though it is not their natural appearance. I discuss the morphing in and out of a light source as a spirit in my book, “Realm of the Wise One”.

It wasn’t until the 1900’s and beyond when women in some countries were allowed to vote or have a say. It was taboo for them to get a divorce or even work. Gender equality didn’t really move full steam ahead until the 1970’s. In some countries women are still forced to take a back seat specifically in third world countries. Therefore, it’s not surprising to know that during biblical times, man did not want a female deity figure.

Archangel Gabriel is my agent and has been around me my entire life guiding and moving me along my career path since I began working as a teenager. Luke, my guide, works along with her on all career work related endeavors. I cannot write a book without the both of them present.

Gabriel has appeared to me clairvoyantly numerous times over the course of my life. She towers at about 7-8 feet. Her physical presence is neither, male or female, and the shape of her face is not like a human face, but the structure of it is soft and on the feminine side. It’s almost androgynous. She drops down into my space in a bright copper colored light with white sparkles and wears a light blue cloak that covers everything except for her face. The cloak is dominating and flowing. She also doesn’t have wings, even though that’s how artists paint her.

When she moves into my space, I hear music rush up clairaudiently. It’s emitting out of her and around her. There is a sudden intoxicating “joyous” uplifting feeling that soars through me. The lyrics to, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing!”, were words that she whispered into the consciousness of the writers of the song. She communicates predominately through me clairaudiently and telepathically, which telepathy is the primary communication on the other side.

~  Kevin Hunter

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