Connecting with others through lightheartedness gives you a joy boost, which then raises your vibration

This week remember to have fun, connect with friends, family and acquaintances. We’re still riding the Venus in Gemini high until May 7th. This is about opening up and being sociable with others without any demands.

Connecting with others through lightheartedness gives you a joy boost, which then raises your vibration. A high vibration is what brings positive manifestations into your life. Being sociable has added health benefits as it is a wonderful stress reliever. This version of sociability with others does not mean resorting to gossip, slander and complaints, but rather choosing to enjoyably engage with other people’s energies.

In the image, I’ve pulled the Three of Cups, The Wheel and Ace of Cups for the next 1-2 weeks. There is camaraderie, community, positive shifts, things looking up in personal connections, affection and opening up your heart with others.

For some, The Wheel with the Ace of Cups indicates a soul mate connection potentially blossoming out of the Three of Cups (sociable reunion) card. If you’re already committed and hitched, then this suggests you make it a fun, date night this week with your mate. Reach higher heights with one another in all ways.

Enjoy this energy ride for the next week or so, because then the energy will begin to grow frustratingly testy as Mercury moves into its shadow before it goes retrograde on May 18th.

~  Kevin Hunter

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