With online dating, there is no relationship until you’ve met in person

Virtual online dating has its challenges as well as benefits. Many grow hooked on those they’re chatting, texting or phoning with, but until you’ve met in person face to face, you are not in a relationship!  End of story.  There are always exceptions, but I don’t observe exceptions only generalities.  Exceptions can be said about anything that exists.

I know more about love and relationships than anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I’ve met a lot of people.  I was born knowing about all things love.  I’ve been the go to person and have been counseling others in abundance on relationships since I was teenager.  I’ve been researching, experimenting, writing about it and diving into love and relationships throughout the course of my life.

There is NO RELATIONSHIP until you’ve met in person.  There is no way to justify it.  If you have not met in person, then you are not in a relationship.  I’ve witnessed way too many people fall into this trap repeatedly only to result in heart break.  You are simply getting to know one another.  I don’t care how often you’ve texted or spoke on the phone.  All of that is thrown out the window until you meet in person.  I receive so many cases where others have grown way too attached, hot, and heavy with someone virtually and by phone before meeting in person.  Then they meet in person and it starts to deteriorate after that and they don’t understand why.  When you are detached about your online dalliance and have no expectations, then you stand a greater chance of it turning into a success.  You do not call it a love relationship until you’ve spent time together in person.

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