Venus in Gemini is about getting out there and being sociable, warm and light

Venus, the planet that influences love, beauty, and the arts, is moving into the sign of Gemini until May 7th. This is the least romantic and committed placements for Venus to be in. There is a lack of emotional attachments to anything or anyone when Venus in Gemini rules. It does have its positives as this card image I’ve included indicates. The rest of this month is about all things related to communication. Communication improves and rises into the second week of May. This means more talk-talk-talk! This is great when courting others since the fear factor lightens up and one is less afraid to approach an attractive stranger and strike up a conversation. 

However, there is a warning if you’re more sensitive and tend to believe what someone promises or tells you. Venus in Gemini has some deception. This is where you might hear someone say, “Oh they’re all talk and no action.” The communication may rise, but so does the dishonesty. When Venus is in Gemini, someone might say one thing to you, but mean something else. Be as truthful as possible when communicating to others to ensure that what you’re intending to say isn’t misunderstood.

Venus in Gemini is a great time to have a good time! It’s about getting out there and being sociable, warm and light. Don’t take everything so seriously, but catch up with friends, throw on those smiles to strangers in passing. Venus in Gemini lends a nice hand to word smiths. This is an excellent period for writers to dive into their craft, dust any projects off, and put pen to paper. Anything you start now can be edited and reviewed when we move into the next Mercury Retrograde cycle Mid-May.

~  Kevin Hunter

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