Jesus Christ is a great man and a symbol of all love for those who feel unloved

Happy Easter! Jesus Christ is a great man and a symbol of all love for those who feel unloved. Whether you are a believer or an atheist, liberal or conservative, gay or straight, affiliate with any other denomination – know that you are all loved equally by Christ. These labels are simply labels you use while in human form to identify one another with. It has no bearing on who you really are at your soul’s core.

Jesus Christ was a great man while on Earth, an awesome and beautiful friend and healer to others. He was a symbol of all love. He had no judgment towards anyone who was different and in fact loved them. He had love for those the lower evolved turned their backs on. He has love for those his own followers condemn out of false guidance. He was ahead of his time on Earth and was considered odd and weird at that time.

Jesus Christ gave people hope. He empowered them. He was incredibly gifted, prophetic and psychic. This caused him ridicule by society. We still see this happening today with those who profess anything unseen.

He was not born on December 25th in the sign of Capricorn, but he was born during the compassionate time of Pisces. He was and is a Wise One. Having seen him, he is shorter than the way churches and media portray. He’s about 5’5”and his skin is tan, not white. (Having seen Mother Mary as well, she is about 4’9” – extremely short.)

The irony is that the judgmental fundamentalist Jesus followers of today are the ones that crucified him and cheered on the crucifixion back during that time of his death. They still continue with that same attitude, but towards those who are different today. Jesus considers them, “shameful”.

The love he exudes when in your vicinity is magnificent you can barely stand. His followers who judge and condemn others to Hell would know this love if they were truly connected to Him.

I love Christ! ♥

~  Kevin Hunter

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