Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Easter Weekend. Message is About Forgiveness.

Ah, and here we are. Another Full Moon Saturday. This is no ordinary Full Moon, but a Lunar Eclipse. If a regular Full Moon causes you to release all sorts of emotions and baggage, then imagine the energy of the Lunar Eclipse, which is three times that. This is also the Easter Weekend. There is massive power in the energy of the resurrection combined with this Lunar Eclipse. Resurrecting here is allowing your soul to feel re-born so we can bring the real you back to life!

This weekend’s message they’re telling me is about “forgiveness”, which is something I’m never good at, yet I’m periodically preached to do and instruct to others by my own Spirit team. You don’t think I listen to everything they say do you? 😉 Yet, I understand the concept and importance of forgiveness! Imagine how difficult that is to forgive someone who committed a crime on your psyche. That’s a very difficult thing for many to do, but do you think Jesus holds a grudge with those responsible for nailing him to the cross?

It’s vital to understand the appropriate way to forgive so that your ego doesn’t feel like it’s being tricked. Forgiving means removing any and all traces of negative thoughts and feelings you have when someone’s name is mentioned. Removing all of that lifts your vibration and expands your soul. It’s one of the more challenging lessons your soul gains. Forgiving is making your peace over anything someone might have done to you in all directions of time. Releasing that and their memory from your vicinity! When their name is brought up, you only offer positive things to say about them. Forgiveness benefits YOU.

~  Kevin Hunter


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