March is the month where truth comes to light. Full Moon, Uranus Square Pluto, Solar Eclipse

Image from the “Archangel Power Tarot”

This next month is full of intensity and change. This change has been building since December, as many have been working to remove old toxic baggage that has served no one.

The message of the month is the messenger card, “Page of Swords”. This Page represents communication and ideas. He has a bit a bit of a dark side in that he is blunt in his delivery when it comes to expression. This means the next month can either bring some information of “truth” to you that could be upsetting or one that is welcoming. What is key is how you react to this truth.

Like the egoless angels, the Page of Swords is not interested in ones drama or emotional reactions to the truth. Especially since the truth is beneficial for your higher good in order to move out of any spaces that have left you feeling stuck. This Page infuses a healthy dose of energy into moving forward. This includes any closure that has not yet been made this year. The truth will be brought to light for clarity this month.

In the card image attached, the Page flies a kite in the middle of a storm relaxed and content. He is the ‘calm inside the storm’. What happens when a lightning bolt hits the kite? This represents the moment of ‘truth’. The owl soaring above represents wisdom and enlightenment brought to the forefront out of this truth.

Remember challenges arise as an opportunity to strengthen your soul through learning from the lessons that life experiences hand you.

Planetary aspects:

We’re approaching another time of releasing this week with the Full Moon on Thursday, March 5th If you can survive this week, then you’ve got the will power to endure what’s about to come immediately afterwards.

On March 16th, Uranus, the planet of radical abrupt change in the impulsive sign of Aries, forms a challenging square with Pluto, the planet of death, destruction, transformation and rebirth in the serious, practical, hardworking sign of Capricorn. Put all of those descriptives together and you have a pretty good idea of what is building in the next couple weeks.

This is then followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon of new beginnings and a clean slate on March 20th, and then a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on April 4th for any remaining clarity needing to be brought to light as well as final closures and releasing of what is still being hung onto.

~  Kevin Hunter

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