Painting with God in Empowering Spirit Wisdom


Heaven explains that manifesting is much like painting. You envision what you want in your mind’s eye. Gaze upon the canvas and paint your desires on this surface. There will always be parts of the canvas that have yet to be painted. Your thoughts shift, vibrate and change throughout the day. When this happens you are painting over your previous image on the canvas, thus changing your reality in the process.

Sometimes you paint something bad and this is what you get. Sometimes you paint something good and then you back track. You think about what you want. When you do this you are picking up the paintbrush ready to paint this visual on your canvas, but then you take a few steps back. You stop yourself from painting the whole picture. You fear success and what might happen.

See the life you want and you shall have it. Never waver from this thought.  If you negate that thought of what you want, if you are indecisive about it, then that is what you will get. Nothing. When you doubt you will get what you want for one second, then you forget who you are and therefore receive nothing. As you are a part of God, you have the power to paint what you want and receive it.  There is no class you need to take. You are the example. You are the Light. You are a powerful manifester. Paint what you want on this canvas. Never sway from the good you desire. When you sway, you forget who you are and where you came from. Paint the entire canvas. Keep it painted everyday or it will evaporate off the page.

(Taken from the book, “Empowering Spirit Wisdom”,”

~  Kevin Hunter

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