Love yourself more in order to open up the feelings of love within and around you.

How’s your heart? The message continuously coming up in my reads this week is the doorway to romance. This is no surprise as what’s seen is what is to be expected. In February, is that lovely little Hallmark holiday called Valentine’s Day. I know it’s like a thorn in some of your sides, but sir and madam, love is to be observed everyday, every second and all year long. You don’t need Saint Valentine to remind you, do you?

Love yourself more in order to open up the feelings of love within and around you. This can be in the form of self-love, which is admiring all that you are. Love how you physically appear. Strip down and look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love my body.” Buy yourself a gift as if you are buying it for someone you love. Watch a romantic movie, have a massage, some pampering at a spa, or take a mini-vacation somewhere. Dive into your hobbies that bring you joy. All of this is self-care, which not only opens up your heart chakra, but also assists you in bringing those love feelings to the surface. You glow in this state and others you bump into physically notice this. You become a magnet that attracts in all things love. If you are currently in a relationship, then this will add some extra love into your connection. The doorway to love is beckoning you to notice the wonders that exist on the other side of it. Open up your heart just wide enough to let it in.

{From my book, “Soul Mates and Twin Flames”  }


~  Kevin Hunter

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