I’ve been channeling naturally since I was born as all souls have this ability

Channeling is difficult to describe for me. It’s kind of like an actor attempting to describe their process. I’ve been channeling naturally since I was born, even though there has been no specific word attributed to it. There is no real process for me since all processes vary.

The connection comes and goes throughout the day depending on what my state of mind is like at any given moment. I’m an ever flowing neurotic emotional mess so when I’m moved into that state of reception, then it all flows in and the connection is made. Asking for the connection to be made while in a meditative state doesn’t always work for me since I operate on an adrenaline rush. Being in the channel, the connection smashes in without warning. The frequency waves in my brain move up and down on their own while I’m doing other things until there is a connection, then I stop and sit down to recite the information flowing in.

I will stare at a blank page of a potential manuscript for days and even weeks and then bam the channel is made and the information is either dictated to me clairaudiently or it’s all dumped into my mind in one sitting claircognizantly like a tidal wave gushing over land. Getting closer to channeling naturally is by being aware of your own soul and what’s outside of you.

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~  Kevin Hunter


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