Have a superb New Year! Remember to love more.

The Calendar year ending is seen as a time to stop and take stock of how the past year went. You examine your triumphs, your sorrows, your successes and your challenges. What was lost and what was gained. You look forward to the coming year with promise and hope that the next year will be even better! Looking to the future with optimism you might sometimes find you’ve been chasing mirages that evaporate as quickly as the champagne fizzles in your glass. You need not search long and hard for some measure of magic to reveal itself since it’s always resided within you. You are loved even when you doubt it, avoid it, shun it and do everything in your power to deny it. When you reach that threshold of completing your run, the only thing you take with you is love. If you gain anything from the traditional meaning of the New Year remember to love more, give more and have compassion no matter how unpopular it’s become. Only then can you truly discover that magic you secretly desire. Have a superb New Year!! ❤

~  Kevin Hunter


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