How do I know if the person I’m with is my soul mate?

Is This Person My Soul Mate?

A common question asked is, “How do I know if the person I’m with is my soul mate?”

The instant answer is that if you have to ask, then it is probably not your soul mate. It may be one of your soul mates which sift in and out of your life, but not the lifelong love soul mate. You would not need to ask this question if it is.

The longer answer is that you will need patience to see how your connection with them plays out if you’re questioning if they’re the big soul mate. If the person you believe to be your soul mate has chosen to break away from your connection by ending it, then you’re moving into iffy territory.

The way your real life long soul mate connection will work is that nothing can stop you both from making a beeline to one another. The soul connection draw is too strong and magnetic to break. Even if there is a temporary break, it does not last long because the soul connection is too strong where both mates know without a doubt that this is it for them. It’s not a one-sided unrequited love.

A case by case examination would need to be made as to why both partners are no longer together and yet they both hold deep attracting feelings for one another.

(From, Darkness of Ego)

~  Kevin Hunter

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