Ensure that you balance giving and receiving gestures

The message coming in is the Six of Pentacles! The man in the picture drops an endless supply of “coins” or “pentacles” into the hands of two children. The pentacles suit in the Tarot is connected to finances, material, security, gain or loss etc. The group in the image is happy, bright and full of prosperity.

This is the giving and receiving card. The man is giving graciously and the children are receiving graciously. This is what a high vibration is. Are you giving enough or are you giving too much without receiving anything in return. Or are you receiving without giving anything back. This is not necessarily financial. Giving can be giving of one’s time. It’s being a listening ear for a friend in need. While the one discussing an issue they have is receiving your wisdom or compassion just by being present. The one giving can be sitting in silence listening to the friend intently and they are ‘giving’ through this act.

The message is appropriate for this month filled with what some call ‘the holidays’. It is to remember to ensure that you balance giving and receiving gestures. If you do one more than the other, then you create in imbalance in your world. This can cause an array of negative circumstances or even uncomfortable moods to rise because of the energy involved. Everything is made up of energy and what you put out comes back to you.

For example, when you give too much in a love connection, and the other partner takes without balancing it out with giving too, then the giver soon grows to be resentful. Pull back on the giving and only give out what you receive. This way you avoid creating this unbalance of emotions. My beautiful group on here I know has no problem giving. You are all loving, awesome lights, so remember to receive!

Here’s an appropriate song to go along with this card called, “Receive” by Alanis Morissette. It’s about someone who acknowledges that they’re indeed a selfless giver. Yet, she puts her foot down and chooses to allow herself to be the receiver for a day. “Today’s all about me, all about cup filling. Today’s all about me learning how to receive.”




~  Kevin Hunter


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