You chose many of your experiences for your soul’s growth on the spiritual path

Every soul is on a spiritual path even if they’re not a believer or follower of any particular denomination. They might not have any particular belief system, but they are still on a spiritual path. Your soul is gaining necessary tools that expand and enhance your consciousness while on this path.

The only exceptions are those drowning in perpetual ego and selfishness. They are the lost ones who refuse to believe they have anything to gain or have areas to improve on. It’s much like being stuck in hardening mud until a circumstance comes about to knock you off kilter that assists you in looking at the bigger picture. There is always room for improvement. It’s one of the reasons you’re here in this Earthly school.

You chose many of your experiences for your soul’s growth. Perhaps you came into this lifetime battling a drug or alcohol addiction. Maybe you lost your parents when you were young or you grew up in a difficult and challenging environment. Much of this is not by accident. Your soul is having these human experiences for a higher purpose. If the reasons it has not yet come to you have not surfaced, then you can be assured it will come to you at some point. Discovering this enlightening information is one that your higher self will assist in uncovering as part of your individual spiritual path. No one can point it out for you.



~  Kevin Hunter

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