This is a day of remembrance to all of the men and women in history who went to battle for you. Veteran’s Day.

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I’m rarely if ever political, as I don’t care about politics. I care about working hard for what you want and not having it handed to you. I care about continuously thriving to improve one self and treating others with respect and throwing them out the window when they don’t. This is what builds character and expands your consciousness.

Most of my adult life has been met with others trying to figure out what branch or party I’m affiliated with since I never talk about it. I’ve been called a conservative more than a liberal, and a republican more than a democrat. I’m not any of those. I’m an independent as I think for myself even if I stand alone. I move to the beat of my own drum and act according to what guidance sifts through my soul as being the most accurate barometer gauge. I hang dangerously close to the middle where everyone should be.

I immensely support our troops in the armed forces that fight to keep everyone safe. These are human souls who choose to go to battle for you. They’re willing to die for you to protect, serve, and honor. This deserves much more recognition and attention than they get credit for. These men and women are some of the most loyal people in the world. Loyalty is something I demand and expect out of others, even though most fall short. It’s sadly lacking in today’s modern day world, but not lacking in our troops.

This is a day of remembrance to all of the men and women in history who rose above superficiality and triviality and hit the trenches. They subconsciously asked their higher selves: “How may I serve?”

Kevin Hunter's photo.

Photo of my grandfather when he served in the armed forces.



~  Kevin Hunter

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