If Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent were a real person, she would hail from the realm of the wise one

If Maleficent were a real life person, then she would be from the Realm of the Wise One.  The Maleficent character has the Wise One love of magic, strength and darkness.  This is intertwined with the fairy tale like world of the Elementals in the Wise One Realm.  Although in the movie, she is a powerful Faerie, it’s important to note that her characteristics are aligned with the Wise One rather than the Elementals.

When Maleficent is rejected and betrayed by her lover Stefan, she moves into the Wise One rage, which she hangs on for eons.   Stefan betrays her in order to become a King through ego greed and power which the Wise One dislikes.  Maleficent’s rage is so dark and intense, that after having a quick cry, she flies off the handle and moves into anger, just like the Wise One.  Stefan and his new Queen have a child and name her Aurora.  Maleficent has been spying on Stefan for years still holding onto revenge.  She casts a spell on Aurora when she’s born.  She throws out a magic spell so powerful that curses the child to fall to her death on her sixteenth birthday.

Maleficent develops a loving relationship with the child as she’s growing up.  This brings her to have a change of heart about the spell she cast.  The problem is that she made the spell unbreakable even by her.  This is what Wise Ones must be careful of.  When they get angry, even if they’re not practicing spell casters, they still have these manifestation capabilities.  Some of this forms in their mind and is so powerful that they can cause harm just by thinking it.

Realm of the Wise One

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