The period around Halloween is a time of “transition” and “abundance”

Halloween is one of the more popular holidays celebrated on October 31st. In fact, it’s one of my favorites next to Christmas! Wise Ones tend to be comfortable with both the dark and light. Nowadays Halloween is mostly a time where people have fun with it by dressing up in costume, watching scary movies or visiting haunted houses and theme parks. There are myths and legends associated with the holiday, but most of it is not true according to my Spirit team. It is a day to remember the deceased. It ended up taking on an entirely new meaning over time. People started to associate the dead with ghosts and goblins. You can see how the holiday can easily take on a life of its own.

When I asked my Spirit team if the veil is thin between our world and their world, I received a surprising, ‘yes’. The reason is mostly due to there being so much energy focused on the dead by human souls around Halloween time. Because this energy is so potent on the day of Halloween itself, this invites and attracts more of that energy in from the other side. Even though people are doing it just for play, it is having an effect. The effects are harmless to an extent, although you should shield your soul on Halloween or October 31st.

Take precautions that you do not invite unwanted negative spirits into your vicinity who drain your energy. Those on the other side are pure, but there are spirits who are what some might describe as being in limbo. These souls refused to enter the light sometimes due to fear of what might exist such as judgment, etc. Instead, they attach themselves to human souls. They are usually attracted to darker lights and people bathed in addictions or in negativity in some manner. They coax that soul to continue on with the addiction or negativity.

The period around Halloween is actually a time of “transition” and “abundance”. This is right on par with being about mid-way through the Fall or Autumn harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. My Spirit team did not get into the whole Halloween thing, but focused on using the Halloween energy to manifest abundance. Sow the seeds of what you want in your mind. It is a very powerful time including on All Saints’ Day which falls right after Halloween on November 1st, as well as the Day of the Dead, which runs from October 31st through November 2nd typically.

~  Kevin Hunter

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