Obsessions center around needs, excess and selfish satisfaction which kills love relationships

Love relationships in modern day era have grown to become more than an effort to find and a struggle to keep. Since many human souls are governed ruthlessly by the external and the ego, this has played a huge part in the demise of loving relationships.

In the United States alone, polls and stats are being revealed that slightly more than half of the population are considered single. This data isn’t taken seriously by anyone, and neither are they pointing out the tragic reality of where the current crop of human souls are headed.

This is a sad revelation that further demonstrates that humanity is not evolving as quickly as one would like to believe. It is ironic considering that love is the reason all souls are here.

Obsessions center around needs, excess and selfish satisfaction. This satiating need to sharpen in on external fixation was taught to others by the masses in the media, your peers and society. This progression continues to be recycled generation after generation. It’s a strange kind of zombie like transfixed eeriness that hones in on all things greed, material or external. This is not love, but ego.

~  Kevin Hunter


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