Solar Eclipse New Moon. Message is new beginnings and to take action cautiously

Within the darkness, there are tiny incisions like marks that reveal cracks of light breaking in from Heaven.   This is a message of hope surrounding the Solar Eclipse New Moon on October 23rd.

A Solar Eclipse is a triple New Moon energy. The Lunar Eclipse we had two weeks ago is a triple Full Moon energy. The New Moon is the bright side, while the Lunar Eclipse would be the darker side.

The New Moon happens usually once a month and symbolizes new beginnings. For almost two decades, I’ve recommended that others wait until a New Moon rolls around before starting anything new. It has a much bigger shot at surviving. This can be anything from a new job, to starting a work out regimen or even re-organizing your house.   Anything new that needs to be started, a New Moon is the time to do it.

Since this is a Solar Eclipse New Moon, then this is giving everyone a triple energy shot surrounding anything new. However, because there is always a ‘however’ right? Mercury is still moving Retrograde until Sunday/Monday. This means whatever is started this week may be slow to take off, but have faith and patience as the angels always say. Just because it’s not showing immediate momentum, doesn’t mean the energy is not working. It is indeed working!  Even if you don’t see the results right away.

This Solar Eclipse New Moon is in the deep penetrating water sign of Scorpio. This means that intensity and deep emotions will rise to the surface with any new beginning. There is nothing to fear, as this is not a Lunar Eclipse which gives rise to uncomfortable feelings. Any uncomfortable emotions felt this week is not a product of the Solar Eclipse New Moon, but the Mercury Retrograde energy coupled with the remains of the Lunar Eclipse energy that has dominated this month. The Solar Eclipse is the tiny ray of lights of hope breaking through the darkness.

The message and guidance my Spirit team is giving me for this Solar Eclipse is the word “Action”.   This backs up the new beginnings message, but in order for something to take place, one needs to take action. Make a move and put in some effort. Take charge, even if it’s just a little bit, since the energy of the Solar Eclipse says, “a little bit goes a long way”. It will be met with success.

Although they’re also saying to be conservative with the action taken.   That means to plan and take action “carefully”. There is a difference between diving head on into something without careful planning. Yes, action is necessary, that’s the theme, but to also proceed methodically and with caution. They’re showing me someone being impulsive and making erratic decisions and flying immediately forward without really weighing it all in.   That can backfire of course.

It’s an interesting dichotomy because ambition is supported here, but don’t charge forth blindly either. This is connected due to the Mercury Retrograde transit that’s layered on top of the Solar Eclipse.

Mercury is currently slowing down to a crawl. It’s going to make taking action slightly challenging, even though you have the go ahead to move forward, if that makes sense. Move unhurriedly, expect a slow start to the new beginning for a few days and into next week. Next Tuesday and Wednesday and beyond, then steam should pick up with whatever the ‘action’ oriented goal is made this week. So proceed with hesitance. I know it’s confusing where they’re saying move forward, but don’t either. Haha. Well, move cautiously forward. No rush. Take your time. And all will end well and be well.

~  Kevin Hunter

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