Is “Psychic Timing” accurate? Yes and No.

Is “Psychic Timing” accurate?  One of the questions most often asked in a psychic read is, “When?” When will a particular circumstance happen? They want an exact date as to when they will meet that lover, start that career or buy that house. This is understandable to an extent since you are in a human body and crave immediate material security. This physical comfort could come in the form of the great job, money, or awesome love for example. When these things do not seem to be forthcoming for a prolonged period of time, you might begin to grow permanently solemn and disappointed. This state lowers your vibration which could block or delay the event from taking place.

No psychic reader can necessarily predict when something is going to happen for someone. Those in Heaven who are relaying information to the psychic live in a world without devices such as calendars and clocks. Those are man-made designs to give Earth life some resemblance of structure and order. There is no time that exists for Heaven in the way that man has made it here on Earth. Therefore it’s near impossible for spirit guides and angels to give a particular psychic conduit an accurate time to give to their client as to when an event will take place. Time is fluid to those in the spirit world, so when they see a human soul wanting to know when something will take place, they do their best to give an estimated time frame. This time frame should be taken with a grain of salt. There are a great many factors that can and will often delay something from happening with any time frame predicted.

It is true that some psychic’s can be known for nailing timing. The timing that is given is the probable timing pending that you or other circumstances connected to your desire are not hindered by any of the party’s free will. Most human souls operate using free will choice. They rarely listen to their guides and angels. It is more about obtaining their desire immediately. If it’s a romantic partner you’re hoping to obtain, then no one can predict the impulsive choices you or this potential lover might make on any given day that would alter what was originally predicted to happen.

I rarely if ever relay timing, I have stated it in the past on occasion only to see it come to light around that time. Yet, it’s not a question I answer for others. The only reason I would bother mentioning it is if I ‘hear’ my guides clearly telling me “April” with someone, then I include it. If my team says nothing on timing, then I say nothing. I’ve witnessed psychic timing in my own life where my Spirit team is giving me a specific prediction that is going to happen in my life in the ‘near future’. I didn’t know what the ‘near future’ was or when that was, but that I knew without a doubt that it was coming. To be exact, this particular event in this example did take place in a major way, but it took place 7 years AFTER they told me it was coming. This is to illustrate how timing can be off and how fluid it is.

~  Kevin Hunter

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