Work on releasing any pent up negativity, energy, addictions and even people. Full Moon and Page of Wands.

It’s the Hunter’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse now through Wednesday.  This is triple the energy power that is in a typical Full Moon.  October is off to an interesting start with the Mercury Retrograde transit dancing with the Lunar Eclipse.   You’re being asked to take pause this month and go over your life to date in grand detail.  Are you happy with the way your life is?  Is there room for improvement?  Are you happy with you?  Or are there some trouble spots that you can’t seem to let go of?

These next couple of days, work on releasing any pent up negativity, energy, addictions and even people.  Releasing can be done in a myriad of ways.  An effective way can be writing a letter to your Spirit team of Guides and Angels.  Pour your heart out as if you’re talking to a counselor.  Talk about your frustrations and things you want to change within and around you.  Don’t hold back for fear of judgment.  That won’t work anyway since they already know what you’re thinking and wanting, even if you don’t say it out loud.  End the letter by asking them to take what you’ve revealed to them and bring it to heaven for transmutation.  You may then shred the letter, save it in a secure place, or burn it safely.  Burning it is one way of saying that you’re releasing the need to hold onto those concerns and allowing heaven to take those burdens off your back.  The point of writing a letter shows that this means a great deal to you.  You have intent.  It also helps you to be crystal clear.

The Page of Wands is showing me that some may receive unexpected news, information or surprises in the form of a passionate based opportunity. This is one that could alter ones path even slightly.   It’s mostly always positive and revolving around creative or career pursuits.  It can be love related, but not always.  That’s usually reserved to the Page of Cups.   The Page of Wands would be more of a fleeting, yet passionate and intense connection if it is a relationship.

On a general level and as a reminder, it’s best not to have any serious conversations with anyone, or make any serious decisions that require moving forward with anything major until the last week of October.  If there is no choice, then proceed with caution and expect delays as ones patience will likely be tested or it might not pan out the way you hoped.



~  Kevin Hunter

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