We’re moving into testy, intense waters this month with the Mercury Retrograde and Lunar Eclipse

We’re moving into testy, intense waters this month. I always seem to pull the Seven of Swords card for everyone whenever Mercury is about to move retrograde. Mercury moves Retrograde this Saturday, October 4th, where it will stay for most of the month until October 26th. Whenever planet Mercury moves Retrograde, we are prompted or rather forced to take pause whether we like it or not. This month may feel like nothing is going your way or moving forward. Communication with others slows down or is halted altogether.

This card tends to scare others for some reason, but as a Wise One, I never shy away from the dark hidden shadows lurking behind the corner. They serve as helpful warnings. Wouldn’t you rather know of those warnings beforehand, so that you can armor and prepare yourself? You cannot hide from the truth, otherwise you’ll wind up hurt. This card sometimes points to infidelity when someone asks if their partner is being faithful or not.

The man in the image of this card is acting deceitful. He’s stealing a bunch of swords in the dark and trying to make a getaway from the castle. But look! He’s left two other swords there behind him. This shows he’s sloppy! Mercury Retrograde is a time to go back into time and “re” anything. This can be ‘redo, review, re-work’ anything from the past. The Seven of Swords card additional meaning is to go back and cover your tracks, correct what was wronged! This man in the image will need to go back and get those other two swords that he’ll soon realize he’s left behind.

This going back into the past this month, can be re-working a previous project you were working on, to mending friendships and relationships. In fact, you may find those from the past who you lost touch with or haven’t spoken to in awhile may reach out this month feeling incredibly nostalgic for ya. This includes exes! Mercury Retrograde is a great time to receive closure on connections or re-work the connection into something better. However, avoid moving forward with anything until after Mercury moves direct at the end of the month.

The Mercury transit moves through the sign of the dark water sign of Scorpio! Traits that will rise in others this month will be heightened jealousy, possessiveness, controlling behavior, anger, miscommunications and sex addictions. It will crumble unions altogether that were already on shaky ground. This will pull it apart for good.

We’re also smack dab in the rise of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon energy. Eeesh! It’s already being felt, even though the Full Moon doesn’t actually happen until Wednesday October 8th. Take caution on that day and the days before and after! Don’t let your emotions drown and suffocate you. Let them come out and deal with them so you can release it all for good. This triple whammy energy of this particular Full Moon happens as Mercury pushes to build momentum in its backwards retrograde motion. For that matter, expect an intense week coming up here.

You know, this is not all bad. I know I’m splashing the warnings and darkness all over the place, but you really can cruise right through this month if you remain centered and optimistic. For those who feel they might be heading into these intense waters now, just know that it is the planetary transits going on. Know that it will eventually pass and all will be well. Circumstances happen for a reason that will later reveal itself.

There are positives to this transit as I’ve discussed, and that’s by going back into time to cover your tracks. Clean your house, box stuff up, dig up old projects, go on a detox, visit a nature locale and Zen out. – (Although take precautions when traveling during a Mercury Retrograde.) This is a month of important choices to be made! So choose wisely.

The Lunar Eclipse on top of the Mercury Retrograde will also highlight issues that happened last April in order to finally be dealt with. October is a month to cut loose what no longer serves you or causes you consistent grief. You likely know what that is, you just need to cut it out once and for all.

Towards the second half of the month we’ll have some breathing room as we approach the New Moon Solar Eclipse for redemption on October 23rd. Take it easy, breathe, don’t allow circumstances to drown you in its energy. Chalk it off to the Mercury Retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse. Things will be testy again in the final week of October, but should be smooth sailing by the time Halloween and the Day of the Dead rolls around on October 31st. Then we move into the holidays with a new sense of self and possibly life!

~  Kevin Hunter


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