Chance Encounters, Fate and Soul Mates are often Divinely Orchestrated

Remember the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle”? It was a bit trite, cliché and contrived, yet warm and enjoyable nevertheless. The movie toys with the idea of chance encounters and fate. Long term soul mate connections that form are more divinely orchestrated than a human soul might believe.

Your Spirit team will continue to put the same person in your path for months and maybe even years in order to get you both to connect. The goal is to get you two to notice one another if the soul mate connection is indeed meant to happen in this lifetime. Some couples have later recounted that after they became acquainted with one another that there were moments where they nearly crossed paths, but failed to connect. They discover they had many missed encounters where they would have been together much sooner if it were not for their ego denying it for example. If they were paying more attention to the signs given to them they would have united with this soul mate prior to when they did. Perhaps they were guided to the same grocery store, but missed each other by a couple of minutes every time. Unforeseen circumstances cause delays between soul mates meeting. Two human souls who are meant to have a soul mate connection with each other will be guided to cross paths with one another repeatedly over a period of time until they finally notice one another and take action.

In the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, the two lead characters are heavenly guided to cross paths repeatedly in order to notice one another. Annie (Meg Ryan) is a perfect example of someone who picks up on the divine hit and takes steps to at least get in front of Sam (Tom Hanks) to see if it really is a divine connection. It takes about the entire duration of the movie for them to mutually notice one another and then take action. All throughout the story, they have several near misses of one another throughout the movie without lift off. In the final ten minutes of the movie, they finally stand face to face with one another, and discover the mutual interest. They acknowledge that it was meant to happen and take action as in the movie screen image attached.

~  Kevin Hunter

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