Full Moon in Pisces September 8th highlights love and relationships

As we move closer to September 8th, we’ll be experiencing another Full Moon. This is no ordinary Full Moon. This is a Full Moon in Pisces. The Full Moon brings out inner intensity, inner feelings and inner secrets. The transit will be moving through one of the greatest feeling oriented and profoundly psychic signs in the zodiac. This will erupt a tsunami of feelings especially in love relationships. Picture the tsunami swallowing up a city and you’ll have an understanding of the intensity of emotion and feeling that will be out there on display. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, the spotlight of the Full Moon shines down on love and one on one relationships. The intensity will build and peak in seven days before it relaxes into the New Moon and Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22nd. Relationships that form in the first half of September will kick off full speed ahead at the end of September. Open your heart and allow love in. Because when you know love, you know God by this act.

~  Kevin Hunter


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