Archangel Michael bring in your warrior angel soldiers to infiltrate God’s light into Gaza, Israel

Russia, Ukraine, Hamas, Israel, Palestine and Gaza. How many more of God’s Children must suffer until you wake up and see the light and error of your ways? I’ll spare the viewers of the horrific images of these deaths by not posting them here. Typically I avoid the news or any gossip about the world. It is noise that has no relevance from where I come from. Hurting an innocent will prompt me to take notice.

The streets of Gaza are attacked by the worst kind of demon and horror you can imagine. This is the same demon that has been destroying this planet for centuries. It is the one that lives within the mind of every individual. When it grabs holds of the steering wheel, then there is no telling of the destruction it will cause.

In Gaza, Children are killed, losing limbs, dragged in blood half alive and going hungry. Every child in Gaza over the age of six has endured several wars already. While American children are likely playing with legos or on their iphones, these Children are playing on tanks or used as human shields. While Palestinian Children pretend to be soldiers holding toy guns to reenact abductions.

Israeli mobs mock the deaths of these Children. They are allegedly doing this in the name of God, but I would love to know which God they’re talking about. God, the one true source of light and creator calls them godless, inhumane and not of His word, so who they are talking about? We can use some illumination on this Godless God they speak of. Anyone who kills and harms with malicious intent is barbaric and will have a huge load of debt to pay back. I could not wish that debt on my worst enemy.

Archangel Michael bring in your warrior angel soldiers to infiltrate God’s light into the ugliest heart in all men and women responsible for wreaking unrelenting and pointless havoc in the countries listed. Do whatever you need to do in order to bring this to a swift resolution of peace for all involved. You have full permission to bring in the big guns, take your light and crack open and shatter the darkness that plagues those who know not what they do.

~  Kevin Hunter

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