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We can finally move forward after half a year of inner changes that include relationships falling apart.   We had previously been at a stand still from December through Mid-July due to the challenging planetary aspects. You may recall my posts from back in December and January with all of those warnings of how 2014 was going to be. I did say it would start to lighten up around the second half of July. We’ve spent the year being assaulted with an onslaught of interpersonal planets moving retrograde.

Mercury moved retrograde twice during that time.   Venus and Mars both affect relationships of all types and they spent a good deal of 2014 in the retrograde transit. Mars also tends to cause short-circuited outbursts and impatience. The heavy energy of these planets has caused all sorts of chaos this past year. Look at all the issues surrounding airplane accidents and boats capsizing. All of that is due to human error of course, but human error rises when a planet moves retrograde. When you’re not connected to anything outside of your body at any given time, then the greater the human error is.

July 19th marked the beginnings of a beautiful creative period, which is where this card attached comes in. Creative expression or positive expression of any kind in general is at the forefront. The fifth chakra is your “Throat Chakra”, located in your throat area. Your throat chakra becomes muddy and dark when you’re not expressing your truth in a positive way or you are repressing it.   Holding your thoughts and feelings in can cause long-term damage since your thoughts have the power to make things happen. If you keep it bottled up, it’s like boiling water in a pot with the lid on and leaving it unattended so that it blows the lid right off.

You can release this pent up energy by speaking your mind, writing in a journal or diving into creative pursuits. I have a well-known actress friend who has a room designated for painting when she’s not filming a movie. This is another form of healthy release and creative expression. She has the best of both worlds. Acting and painting are some of the many creative ways to release pent up energy.

I’m in the middle of another book project on deadline. When I’m in the zone as they call it, I stay in that zone during the duration of a project even if there is a given minute where I’m not writing. It’s almost like certain actors who stay in character long after the Director has yelled cut. I’m still functioning in that zone. This is right on par with the Archangel Gabriel-Fifth Chakra message at this time. And that is that it is safe to fly forward now with anything you’ve been putting off. Dive into expressing yourself in all areas of your life.

Archangel Gabriel governs the fifth chakra. Interesting to note is the #5 has been popping up all over the place this past week. The number five is at times a challenging number, but it is also a number of positive changes that come out of that challenge.   It’s been a challenging year getting so many out of their previous comfort zones. Now it’s time for forward movement and action.

~  Kevin Hunter


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