My books are super affordable, so there is no reason for people to be attempting to retrieve them for free

My books are super affordable, so there is no reason for anyone to be attempting to retrieve them for free. This is illegal by the way. This is my work and like you I make a living with my work. Do you go to your job everyday without getting paid? No, I bet not.

One example is that many of my kindle books are $2.00-$5.00. You likely pay that much for a fancy cup of coffee at Starbucks. Only with this, you gain additional knowledge to enhance your life instead of crashing hours later.  Some of the paperback versions of a particular book retails around $10.00 and if you order it on Amazon with the free shipping option, you save even more.

I used to take advantage of the Amazon marketplace offers where Amazon allowed me to offer the book for free, but I found that when you offer things for free, for some reason it invites very dark consumers who take advantage of that.  Many of who have slammed myself and my work as a result.  Because of those slanderous reviews, I no longer give anything away for free.    You will have to pay for it like everybody else thanks to those few bad apples that spoiled the bunch.  I’ve been extremely generous of my time in helping people who have reached out who need guidance.  I would offer free help because I cared about what they are going through.  I’m sorry I no longer do that anymore and you will be turned away.  You can thank the bad apples who took advantage of the free offers that Amazon gave them and chose to slander me as a result calling it shady, which there is nothing shady about Amazon allowing authors to run short promotions for free.

I never thought I’d have to say this or put a disclosure up, but after my team has shown me that there are some out there who are indeed attempting to get my books for free, I was left with no choice. I don’t want to have to play bad cop, I don’t like it, but I’m left with no choice since humankind cannot be trusted.  You have to be vigilantly on guard and keep strangers at arms length.  Don’t allow anyone to get too close to you as they will take advantage of that.

The Karmic energy associated with thieving and deception is so great, I would hope that a human soul would be smart enough to understand the repercussions that will come out of that choice in the end. Every decision and choice you make daily whether good or bad has a consequence. As this energy is put out there, you have set in motion what is to come to you in the following year. The life you’re living now is a direct result of the actions you previously made often without realizing it. The problem is that this action or thought energy is multiplied to the third power and beyond. This means what is mirrored and directed back to you due to one small misguided deceptive action, decision or thought ends up being something that pulls you and your life down.

All this negative karmic retribution for stealing someone’s book that only costs $5.00. There is also the one that is stealing the work and then attempting to make a profit out of it. There are guilty parties on both of these instances I speak of. I’d like to think that my readers and followers would never do something like that. Do the right thing and learn to make sound choices in your life. It’s for your own good. Go to work, save your pennies and buy or download my books the ethical way.

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