It was the endless summer holiday weekend hanging on the beach all day

It was the endless summer holiday weekend hanging on the beach all day everyday on the sands with my surfer brothers and sisters. It was peaceful and pure bliss despite the wall to wall crowds that showed up surrounding us and the shark attack not far off in the distance. My entire body has darkened except for what the world typically can’t see.

One of my best friends was stuck at a baptism for hours and kept texting me that the bar drinks bite. Never mind that there was a bar at this baptism, but he did request that I go down there and takeover for the bartender. Anyone that’s known me for decades as he has knows that I have a very big history with drugs and alcohol, or so I once did to the point where I could drink you and your grandmother under the table. These days I’m contained and preach that one be clear minded before anything else. This doesn’t mean that the friends you had back then and who are still around today remember all parts of you and who you were and are now. To some you will always be the guy that took over for the bartender shoving a dollar into a cup and demanding loudly that people fork up the tips. This is just before I climbed up on top of the bar and pulled others up there with me. Memories.

~  Kevin Hunter

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